Q: When I place my order, what happens next?

A: You'll be receiving an insulated lunch bag containing an ice pack, on EACH day of
delivery (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) please leave bag outside with the ice packs frozen
inside to ensure freshness when you bring your meals Inside

A: We will be delivering meals during the hours of 3-5pm average, any deviance from this
time schedule you will be alerted

Q: If I do not like a specific meat or veggie ie: fish and broccoli but it's on the menu, would I receive it anyway?

A: No, let us know of any preferences during ordering process and we will be sure not to include those items into your meal.

Q: Is there a delivery fee?

A: Yes. There is a $20 delivery fee on biweekly plans and $40 on monthly plans. Delivery fees allow us to keep our prices so low.

if you have any questions feel free to contact us .