Terms and Conditions

​​​The terms and conditions set fourth by the use of our food services Macro Bright agree that all deliveries are on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5:00pm-12am.

Active subscriptions start on Mondays and must be completed the previous Friday thereof (in the case that an order is to be place on a Saturday then active delivery is set to be on the following Monday of the upcoming week).

Holiday deliveries may vary and clients will be notified beforehand of the schedule changes that will take place two weeks prior to the affected dates.

We are not held responsible for any cancellation refunds that are to be requested 12 hours prior to delivery.

Please be advised that our insulated bags are to be ready for pickup at the time of every delivery seeing that we do provide new ones with each order. Any loss or stolen insulated bag carries a penalty of $5.00 per item. 

Menu items are subject to change based on availability and seasons.